Higher manufacturing and transport costs together with a demand for high quality designer furniture at an affordable cost, have inspired MUSTYA to take action and re think the flat pack concept for its products.

With MUSTYA Flat Pack solution, you can transport larger quantities in a single journey, reducing your logistic’s cost, and you will definitely spend less storage space to keep them.
Modularity is a main feature in all MUSTYA products. It refers to our ability to change our products by reconfiguring, adding and/ or removing different components, thus addressing each client’s specific needs.

This means that you can buy today a workstation and know that you can keep improving it by simply adding more modules – completely adaptable to the first one.

By creating Modular solutions that allow you to choose between multiple combinations, MUSTYA guarantees less need for inventory storage for all its distributors while offering a wide range of workstations suitable for different work and personal space.
Screen positioning and keyboard adjustability are some of the most important factors in providing a comfortable work environment to audio professionals. At MUSTYA we understand the need of the workstation design to fit audio professionals so that work can be safer, more efficient and less stressful, and most of all… more creative.

All MUSTYA products are developed upon sound ergonomic ground rules and scientific anthropometric data.
Vibrations limit the performance of sensitive instruments in numerous applications. Therefore the need to remove vibrations to optimise performance is crucial to audio professionals.

MUSTYA developed a state-of-the art Multi-Layer absorption system - a hard surface with high acoustic performance – to tackle specific sound reflections. MUSTYA also applies in all of its workstations, anti-vibration rubbers.
At MUSTYA, after every delivery and installation, we like to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Thus we have a dedicated technical support team available.

Our high skilled and experienced team of engineers and product designers are fully committed to bring each client the best solution for their home or professional audio space.
Multiple Device
From single software programs on a laptop, to integrated stand-alone units, all the way to highly complex configurations of numerous components controlled by a central computer, MUSTYA workstations are fully optimize to support multiple devices.

Your days chasing workstations that fits your equipment’s are over. With MUSTYA solutions for Studio and Broadcast all devices can be integrated to your workstation.