MUSTYA stand for a new generation of wood furniture developed to maximize listening quality and workflow in professional audio environment, workspaces or at home.
Mustya Story
MUSTYA’s Design Team has evolved from within the studios and corridors of broadcast corporations and music production houses. Just like any other audio professional, or hi-fi consumer, we all enjoy nothing better than getting home and finding our “sweet spot” where we can chill and watch a favourite movie, or play music in a really pleasant acoustic environment.

For a long time we have felt there was a need to improve on the compromises that exist in both the professional and home listening environments between design and audio technology. And, because there are many people who think exactly like us, we’ve inspired to create solutions for a range of different market sectors.
MUSTYA’s manufacturing centre is located in Portugal, in the heart of one of the world’s most renowned furniture building and wood crafting regions – Paços de Ferreira. Products are made by skilled designers, engineers from the audio industry and crafted by people who are passionate about the art of wood transformation.

These are exciting times for MUSTYA and we can’t wait to share them with you.

To bring the best audio experience through smart furniture
To lead the new generation of professionals, corporate and home audio experiences
Uncompromising Quality
Passionate Customer Care
Fearless Innovation
Continuous Improvement
Demonstrate Integrity